Photo Montage

Photo Montage

Photo montage is an art of creating a new image based on a theme by combining various images along with their elements and objects. The key aspect of Photo Montage is to artistically fix the images as per the theme and make it an eye catching images that will produce the desired impact.

It is a laborious work that needs to replace the objects, change the background, and manipulate the overall appearance by adjusting the lighting, color and tone of the image.

Whatever may be your need, may be for a print media, or for an online media or for a portrait studio, iEdit Solutions will absorb your theme and create wonderful montages as per your need. iEdit Solutions use different angles of the images and diligently combine appropriate colours, lighting and shadows and seamlessly create photo montages.

iEdit Solutions posses the skills and experience to create highly specialized and customized photo montages for any event. With well detailed and accurate images, iEdit Solutions Photo Montage act as a great tool for companies across industries.

We work with a diverse of formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PSD, GIF, PNG, PGF, RAW, raw digital files and other major image formats. We also undertake format conversion according to client specifications

iEdit Solutions provide Photo Montage services at competitive rates. Outsourcing Photo Montage services can drastically minimize your operating costs besides having a competitive advantage. By outsourcing your Photo Montage tasks to iEdit Solutions, you can be rest assured about the quality and quick turnaround for your images. Also, we assure you that we will not use your images and they will remain 100 % safe with iEdit Solutions

“iEdit Solutions price for the Photo/Image Clipping Service starts from only $0.39 USD which is £0.25 GBP or €0.29 EUR per image. A price for other services is available on after viewing Sample or Free Trial images

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