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Data Entry and Processing

Corporates all over the globe are opting for digitized documents or files. At iEdit Solutions, we offer end to end data entry and processing solutions that involves word processing, optical character recognition to convert the original resource into a wide range of format as per the business need.

With a formidable experience in data entry and processing outsourcing services spanning several industry verticals, we help our clients to take crucial business decision at the right time and enable them to move ahead by adopting newer trends and technologies.

iEdit Solutions experienced data entry and processing personnel are trained to read and analyze hand-written documents and can retrieve difficult handwriting for customers at an accuracy of 99%.

iEdit Solution delivers business value to several of world’s leading companies, helping them competently leverage their data in key business decisions and processes.

By outsourcing your data entry and processing services to iEdit Solutions, we ensure faster retrieval of information, accurate analysis and easy maintenance of your valuable data. Besides, significantly saving your time and drastically reducing on the cost. We also take adequate steps to ensure your data remains safe and secure with iEdit Solutions