Web Research and Data Mining

Web Research and Data Mining

Today the Internet has not only made the world boundary- less but also changed the way the businesses are done.  With unlimited volumes of information available, one can get almost any information on earth from the ubiquitous Internet.

But the major challenge lies in extracting the specified information from the Internet as one is bound to get volumes and volumes of information for any given title. So it becomes imperative to fine tune the search and accordingly categorize the information as per the requirement.

For example if a company seeks information on a particular product, there will be information available not only about the product, but also about the competitor’s as well and hundreds of similar products. The information about all the products should be saved in the exactly same format into a database (Access or any relational database) with all possible information (i.e. name, description, product details, categories, shipping, price, etc.) as specified by the client.

The information can be compiled from URLs, titles, field texts from database, E-mail addresses, numerals, dates, as well as various kinds of pictures and document files. This process is called Data Mining.

Adept in handling comprehensive web researches, web data extraction, online data entry, data harvesting and screen scrapping, we at iEdit Solutions provide data mining services.

At iEdit Solutions, we obtain raw data from various sources and return them to excel, Access or tables of SQL Server tables, comma delimited or text files.  Besides, we use custom program to perform a screen scraping and also manually extract the data.

iEdit Solutions provide web research and data mining services at competitive rates. Outsourcing web research and data mining services can drastically minimize your operating costs and also guarantee maximum accuracy. By outsourcing your web research and data mining tasks to iEdit Solutions, we ensure that we will provide accurate data in the exact format as per your specification

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