Color and Density Correction

Color and Density Correction

Today despite the availability of sophisticated cameras and under the best shooting conditions, a photographer might end up with a poorly captured image. There are so many factors attached to it, besides a possible human error. An image or a photograph can be damaged either due to imbalance of the color and density. Both excessive usage and minimal usage of color and density will lead to flawed image. A not so impressive image will need to be corrected, especially for business purposes as it will not go well with the target audience.

Color and Density correction technique is an art. It is not a simple task to control the Color and Density correction used in any of the image or a photograph. The key to color and density correction technique lies in the ability to check the improper imbalances and use the right mix to bring the right tone to the photograph.

iEdit Solutions provide a brand new look to you photograph make it more dazzling and appealing. iEdit Solutions experts will carefully analyze and creatively evaluate the photograph and accordingly carry out the Color and Density correction to balance all the features such as leveling brightness or contrasts, correcting highlights and shadows, matching skin tone, removing casts, editing color temperature, color balancing and managing color profiles.

iEdit Solutions provide Density and Color correction services at competitive rates. Outsourcing Color and Density correction services can drastically minimize your operating costs besides having a competitive advantage. By outsourcing your Color and Density correction tasks to iEdit Solutions, you can be rest assured about the quality and quick turnaround for your images. Also, we assure you that we will not use your images and they will remain 100% safe with iEdit Solutions.“iEdit Solutions price for the Photo/Image Editing Service starts from only $0.39 USD which is £0.25 GBP or €0.29 EUR per image. A price for other services is available on after viewing Sample or Free Trial images

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