Scanning OCR and Indexing

Scanning OCR and Indexing

Businesses need data to move on. Based on certain data, a decision is being taken. Be it launching a new product or service or whether to improve the existing one or diversify into something new one needs data to arrive at a decision. But unfortunately finding and extracting valuable information, whether it is a historical data about your business or the vital market information, will take your precious time and resources as most of the data is piled upon papers in the form of document. It is a cumbersome process to sift through volumes and volumes of data as vital information is trapped in paper documents.

In the recent times, companies have understood the problems of working with paper documents as it not only occupies large space but also it is increasingly difficult to maintain large volumes of data.

Thanks to technology. Now these large volumes of data can be converted into competent digital format through document scanning services. iEdit Solutions provide Document scanning services. With the combination of high speed scanners and experienced operators, iEdit Solutions scans your vital documents and convert them into a digital format for easy retrieval whenever required.

At iEdit Solutions, we first organize your paper documents systematically in a predefined manner.  Our experienced work force will scrutinize the make sure that the paper documents are properly aligned. Then we start scanning using high speed scanners and make sure that the images are clear. Finally, iEdit Solutions experts will convert the scanned images into any file format, according to your needs and document management systems as desired.

iEdit Solutions also undertakes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services. OCR data entry through is faster, more accurate and more efficient than keystroke data entry. If needed, we can also provide a CD-ROM copy of the images prior to OCR. Further, iEdit Solutions also provide additional value-added services like indexing, conversion to Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) format and data entry and deliver digital images and index information in formats as specified by you.

iEdit Solutions provide Scanning OCR and Indexing services at competitive rates. Outsourcing Scanning OCR and Indexing services can drastically minimize your operating costs and also guarantee maximum accuracy. By outsourcing your Scanning OCR and Indexing services to iEdit Solutions, we assure you that with our expertise combined with our technology infrastructure, we are well equipped to handle your needs and act as a reliable partner.