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Database Development & Migration

Data is a vital element for any organization. But as the organization grows, so is the data. It gets accumulated overtime and if f not managed properly, it will be difficult to sift through every time for want of vital information. Data need to be streamlined, collated and presented in a coherent manner.The process of structuring the data in a specified format for easy retrieval is called Database development.

iEdit Solutions can develop sophisticated database applications tailor made for your requirements. iEdit Solutions provide custom built database solutions right  from simple customer/data tracking to the merging of multiple external sources of information or modifying the  existing systems to accommodate the changing requirements. iEdit Solutions’ extensive knowledge of built-in functionality of Database systems along with the technology expertise, will ensure hassle free environment to manage your information whenever you need.

Moving the database from one technology platform to another is called Migration. Database Migrations is a complicated task as it involves lot of technological issues. Sometimes some old features may be missing, or behave differently and sometimes new features have to be incorporated.

iEdit Solutions very well understand the implications behind moving data from a legacy system into new applications as the entire information such as products, components, customers, vendors and employee data and every data need to be migrated without any hassle.

iEdit Solutions provide Database development and migration services at competitive rates. Outsourcing Database development and migration services can drastically minimize your operating costs and also guarantee maximum accuracy. By outsourcing your Database development and migration services to iEdit Solutions, we ensure that your database will be safe and secure with us.