Data Cleansing and Enrichment

Data Cleansing and Enrichment

A database is a culmination of data from different sources. Sometimes it may contain irrelevant data or may contain duplicate records/items or may have missing or incomplete descriptions. It becomes imperative to analyse the data and bring it under one uniform format. The task of fixing the data according to the required need is called data cleansing process.

The process of data cleansing, formatting, converting and creating a new flawless database is time consuming and it makes sense to outsource the project to data migration experts.

iEdit Solutions offers services in Data Cleansing and Enrichment process and provide aggregation, organization, and cleansing of data services that will result in improving the quality of data. By fixing up misspellings, abbreviations, and errors accordingly  and  verifying each attribute and standardizing the values to ensure that each attribute is consistent, iEdit Solutions systematically examine data for flaws by using rules, algorithms, and look-up tables and fix the errors. Beside, iEdit Solutions also make sure that the information provided in the database is current, accurate and complete.

At iEdit Solutions, we first analyze the data and scrutinize the possible modes of errors. Then we will customize the data to suit your requirements by   defining a set of rules, algorithms and filters for entry, updation and maintenance of records. Finally, iEdit Solutions experts will clean the database by removing the errors and make your data more effective and reliable.

iEdit Solutions provide Data Cleansing and Enrichment service at competitive rates. Outsourcing Data Cleansing and Enrichment service can drastically minimize your operating costs and also guarantee maximum accuracy.By outsourcing your Data Cleansing and Enrichment tasks to iEdit Solutions, we assure you that our technical expertise combined with analytical skills and systematic planning will deliver the database that is most accurate, comprehensive and reliable