Image Stitching Services

Image Stitching Services

In reality it is not always possible to capture the entire view of the property in a single frame. But in real estate industry, the more the panoramic view of the property is, the more one can assert the distinctive ambience and setting of the property. Hence panoramic photography is the preferred option for real estate players.

To achieve panoramic view of the property, photographers take many regular sized photographs and combine the photograph to create a seamless panoramic image. This technique is called Image Stitching.

At iEdit Solutions we seamlessly align and blend together several images and create a single wide angle photograph with a great deal of expertise and diligence, iEdit Solutions experts stitch multiple images and create a large panorama as per the requirement.

We work with a diverse of formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PSD, GIF, PNG, PGF, RAW, raw digital files and other major image formats. We also undertake format conversion according to client specifications.

iEdit Solutions provide Real Estate Image Stitching services at competitive rates. Outsourcing Real Estate Image Stitching services can drastically minimize your operating costs besides having a competitive advantage. By outsourcing your Real Estate Image Stitching services to iEdit Solutions, you can be rest assured about the quality and quick turnaround for your images.  Also,we assure you that we will not use your images and they will remain 100 % safe with iEdit Solutions.