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Let’s start from the core – What is an image clipping path? Clipping path or vector path is a photoshop software that drops out the image background of its own by employing Photoshop Pen Tool. Photoshop makes the use of a few tools that keep the image as it is, just the background is removed. There are tools that cut the image out and you can apply a variety of background colors.

When the tools for performing clipping path are applied, anything outside of the clipping path is excluded and the inside is included. It can be done to both the hard edge images and the sharp edge images.

What the image clipping path outsourcing involves?

1. You clip path to use the image in a different color or variety of backgrounds
2. For making a sharp-edged image
3. For accuracy cut out in the image’s edge area
4. Image color correction using the Multi clipping path

Clipping path service is generally required by those who are working with printing press, printing industry, graphic design, web design, magazine design, photo publication industry, web development company, advertising agency, online product shop, newspaper, photographers, and even the individuals.

iEDIT Solutions offers image clipping path outsourcing to a huge number of clients.What we do is draw the clipping path around the image’s edge and this is followed by selecting the working path to clipping path. This can now be processed further by taking the image out by selection of clipping path and placing the image in a totally different and chosen background. If the clients demand feathers around the image because of its sharpness. Followed by this, the clipped path image can be employed in the a variety of software’s for image editing such as Illustrator, In-design, etc.

The image outsourcing involves the clipping path as one major service that is offered to their clients. The images later produced after clipping paths are high quality and as per the recommendation of the customer.

The image after clipping path is reviewed by the team to check whether any correction in the image is required or not. A few points that are kept in consideration are the required size, the quality of the image, quality of clipping path and the clipping path, number of images processed and need to be processed and every minutest detail. The image is checked for its quality and make it perfect for sending to the client.

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